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Radical Psychology Television makes programmes exploring new organising ideas in psychology, particularly those that help improve our understanding of why the human brain and behaviour evolved the way they did and that have practical implications for medicine and psychotherapy.

The huge variety of mind found in humanity are the sum result of the way our genetic inheritance the human givens (expressed as physical and emotional needs) have interacted with the environment.

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Human givens

Mental health is the result of our emotional and physical needs being met well using the resources nature gave us. When they are not met well, for whatever reason, individuals and families experience stress overload with an increase in various expressions of emotional arousal anger, anxiety, trauma, depression, greed and addiction. This can lead, in turn, to illness and social problems that impact on the whole of society.

Improving our understanding of the new information around these issues, and how to help people cope better with the pressures of the modern world, are the aims behind these videos of seminars, therapy sessions and explanatory documentaries.

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