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 In Control Again

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A practical demonstration of a new psychotherapy model for depression. This video features a severely depressed woman with multiple problems in her life.  One session of therapy using the new RIGAAR model sets her free to get on with her life again.   
 the origin of dreams

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Psychologist Joe Griffin's lecture on why we dream, recorded by Radical Psychology Television.  This programme explains why it is essential for human beings to dream, explains the link between dreaming and hypnosis and introduces the idea that hypnosis can be used to relieve emotional problems when dreaming has failed to do so.
breaking the cycle of depression
In this lecture psychologist Joe Griffin gives the first clear explanation of why depression is a REM sleep disorder and shows the connection between emotional arousal, dreaming and depression.  This, in turn, explain why some forms of therapy work and others are actually toxic.

These films are all about an hour long and are available on VHS NTSC or PAL from Radical Psychology Television    A series of further titles is now in production