Who we are - The editorial board of the Human Givens Institute

in alphabetical order

Dr Grahame Brown
Consultant in Muscular, Skeletal & Sports Medicine, Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

Professor Tony Charlton
Professor of Behaviour Studies, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham

Dr Richard Cheston
Consultant clinical psychologist, Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health Trust

Professor Cary Cooper
Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health, UMIST

Professor Helen Cowie
Research Professor, University of Surrey Roehampton

Professor Arthur J. Deikman
Psychiatrist, California

Dr Kevin Epps
Clinical and forensic psychologist

Ross Fagg
Social work consultant

Joseph Griffin
Research psychologist, psychotherapist and Director of Studies, ETSI

Dr Pauline Lambourne
Psychiatrist, Hertfordshire

Dr Grevile Newson-Smith

Professor Marcellino Smyth
Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry, UCE, Birmingham

Dr Carole Sutton
Director of the Unit for Research and Training in Parenting Education, De Montford University

Noreen Tehrani
Occupational, Health & Counselling Psychologist

Professor André Tylee
Professor of Primary Care Mental health, Institute of Psychiatry

Professor Peter Wade
Department of Social Anthropology, University of Manchester

Dr Jeffrey Zeig
Publisher and Director of Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Phoenix, Arizona