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This video from Radical Psychology Television will fascinate anyone who has an interest in helping people who suffer from depression.  It features the girl whose case is discussed briefly on this site ( case study ).  The video shows the single counselling session which set her free to get on with life again.  It comes with a complete transcript and commentary, explaining how the RIGAAR model therapy session worked.  It costs GBP 49.00 plus postage and packing, and is available by phone on +44 1323 811654 or direct from the secure server at the Human Givens Institute.
This monograph contains several major new insights about the psychobiology of depression and manic depression, derived from the human givens perspective.  It quickly demolishes the popular myths about the subject and sets out a clear explanation of what depression is, what causes it and how to shift it.  It also gives the first clear explanation of why depression is a REM sleep disorder, and shows the connection between emotional arousal, dreaming and depression.  This, in turn, shows why some forms of therapy work and others are actually toxic.  It costs GBP 4.95 plus postage and packing from the secure server at the Human Givens Insititute