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Human givens – the needs
The need for intimacy (including attachment and attachment disorder; need for love; how not being loved may lead to lack of love for self; how intimacy gives rise to empathy; pets; the power of touch)

The need for social support (including many studies showing impact of social support for health; the social benefit of pets; how much therapy is about helping people connect with others; the need to teach social skills)

The need for community (including explanation of why we need wider community; why living in smaller groups was healthier; the St Helens research; the law of 150; the importance of helping others; peer support; the African Violet Queen; how we evolved to cooperate)

The need for attention (including an explanation of why we all need to exchange attention; how unrecognised attention needs can masquerade as many other things; why any attention is better than none; why therapists need to be aware of their own attention needs, and must make sure they are not getting them fulfilled through their work with patients)

The need for meaning (including why we seek meaning; creating meaning by stretching innate capacities; the range of what gives meaning to different people, such as family, religion, work; the role of serious illness in re-evaluating meaning; how lack of meaning or having meaning questioned can lead to depression; why therapy largely involves helping people find or redefine meaning in their lives)

The need for control (including fact that we all need to feel autonomous and to have a degree of control over our lives and the adverse health effects when we don’t have it because, for instance, of domineering boss or partner; research studies; anxiety states may start when control is perceived as slipping away; pain experienced more strongly when there is perceived lack of control; depression and learned helplessness; change bringing uncertainty; helping people achieve a sense of control in different circumstances (eg controlling panic attacks or pain relief); having to be prepared to live with uncertainty; the importance of developing an adaptive, flexible approach towards life events

The need for hope (including need to be selective in our perception of reality in order to engender hope; need for healthy illusions; optimism effects; expectation and the placebo effect)

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